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Helping YOU to transform the way you think about yourself! 
It’s time to make a positive change and to become
everything you were born to be.
Why The Belief System Series?
I had no idea when I was growing up just how much of an impact people's words had over my life and how those words effected my mind and the way I thought of myself.  

I remember signing up to the Cross-Country Team in High School and being told by one of the girls in my class that I would end up coming last and would be the laughing-stock of the school.  
It daunted me for months in the lead up to the final race.
Her words played over and over in my mind till one night at home, I literally broke down into tears. 

My Mom sat with me as I blubbered and poured my heart out. In fact, she told me off for believing that girl's lies.
She told me that unless I knew who I was deep down, I would always be swayed by people's opinions.
Our chat certainly fired me up and I was not willing to allow these words to penetrate.
I ran the final race and came third in the whole school.

I don't know what lies you've been told or where they have come from but I want to help show you how you can replace those lies with truth.  How to take practical steps to take those thoughts captive so that you can live out everything you were born to be :)

"This series is very real, very practical, very challenging and meaningfully addresses issues that most of us struggle with. 
It deals with the power of the mind, highlighting both negative and positive thinking and how these impact on our belief system and actions in everyday life. 
It points out that we, in turn, strongly influence other people either negatively or positively. 
It challenges our thinking and points to the necessity of a major paradigm shift, encourages us to become who we really want to be and to dream big and dig deeper.  

Ashok Jalalabadi

  •  Understand how your belief system impacts your actions
  •  Let go of past thought patterns
  •  Learn how to challenge and shape your thought processes
  •  Begin to dream again 

Be part of hundreds of others who have watched and benefited from this series!

Who is Nalini Tranquim?

Nalini is a Motivational Artist, classically trained in Piano and uses the Arts to encourage, inspire, challenge and motivate individuals through Music, Poetry and Spoken Word.

Her most popular video series to date called "Attitude Impacts Atmosphere" has reached more than 20,000 people where she talks about the power of attitude in the workplace.

It's off the back of her one-on-one conversations with people that she develops new content and creates a platform for conversation, personal development and encouragement.

How does it work?
Starting today, you will receive a short video (between 3 and 5 minutes long) via email once a week for 4 weeks. The email will also include several questions that I want you to ponder on and answer throughout the course of the week.  The reason I spread this series out is because we do dig deep, there's a lot to digest and I want the content to really sink in. Watch the videos as many times as you need to.  There are golden nuggets that you can miss first, second and even third time round.  
It's important that we nut this stuff out in order for you to move forward, be free from old patterns and ready for a whole new beginning ;) 

As a free gift, when you sign up, you will automatically receive our monthly newsletter, will have access to my team and I to answer any questions you may have and of course we will let you know about other programs and offers that we think you might be interested in. 
See what other's have to say...
  •  5-Part Video Series “Belief System” - Covering the battles we fight internally because of our belief system. There is a direct connection between thought and action. Learn to understand how your belief system affects your day to day and how it can rob you of living your life to the full. Learn key principles that will help you break free from a negative mindset. Valued at $190
  •  Self Evaluation Questions - Answer critical questions that will help you unlock your potential. Valued at $107 
  •  Direct Email contact with Nalini - You are not doing this journey alone. You’ve established that something needs to change and hence why you are here. But I want you to know this: You will have direct one-on-one email contact with me personally to bounce off your ideas, thoughts and to share your own personal challenges. See me as your invisible cheerleader! How do you put a value on that? ;) 

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